I'll Drive You Home

by Over Under, The Seafloor Cinema

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Split EP, contrasting styles. We tried our best in these new territories, and really hope you enjoy it.


released February 9, 2017

Jeremy Wurst (Coyote Face records), Don Gunn (drums), family, friends.



all rights reserved


Over Under Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Over Under - Untitled
The same thing happened 4 years ago
When she went out to Wyoming snow
He says he wants you, says he misses you
And I am far away

So keep me breathless
I don't want to be informed
About your exes
When I am one of them now

Good morning, sweetie,
I hope you're sleeping well
I'll send you nothing cause there's nothing good to tell you

These trees aren't dying
The story's changing scene
Your heart is cold and winter's coming shortly for me

So keep me breathless
I don't want to be informed
About your exes
When I am one of them now

So calm down, princess
I don't want to be someone
Just like your best friends
Who don't even care at all

I'll start again
I'll start again
Your heart has never been close to mine
Your form has never been satisfied - still restless
Limbs strewn recklessly across the bed
Now I wish I were him, not me instead

I was just a placeholder - your supporter
While the other had turned away.
Back then, you said that he had gotten bored;
but from where I stand, I can't imagine.

You were not yourself, no you're never yourself...
Who even are you anyway?
Track Name: Over Under - My Own Face
This light
It shines brightly on your head
Our plight
May be all those words unsaid or unspoken

All these stars inside you let em out
I long to see them in that sky again
But you always just push em down
Deeper darker too

Just like I do
Always pushing this away
Just like I do
When your mind is going blank and foggy
I'm through
Letting my demons hide away
Just like I do
When I can't see my own face

Let's drive
And see where our hearts will go
All night
Our eyes glued onto the road ahead of us

As we stop and I will kiss all your shyness
Away, so say
All these things you've been holding back

It's always over
When you say it's over
It's always over